CGCircuit – The Faroe Islands in HoudiniCGCircuit -Houdini的法罗群岛

The Faroe Islands in Houdini : In these 17+ hours, you will dive deep into Houdini environment creation´s powerful tools and possibilities.

We will create a very complex environment, inspired by the Faroe Islands. You will learn advanced techniques to create terrains, to combine different flip simulations, like a waterfall that will interact with the ocean, where there will be waves breaking against rocks, and all integrated with the ocean grid. Looks hard? Let me add something else. we will do that with a super powerful workflow that allows you to create super complex environments even on your home computer.

This is a very special course, and completely unique. This is not about showing you my scene so you could copy it. It is about understanding the concepts of professional environment creation. The goal of this course is to unlock the understanding of Houdini and to be able to set you free from technical limitations and be able to translate your ideas to your scene.

And don´t be intimidated by the complexity of this environment. We go through step by step, solving problems with efficiency as they appear.

I am really confident that after this course you will feel completely at home in Houdini. Creating not only this environment but any other that you might want to create.

We will render this on Redshift 3D, but the concepts could be applied to most render engines.
我们将在Redshift 3D上渲染它,但这些概念可以应用于大多数渲染引擎。

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